UnobservantSims Content - RETIRED


This is RETIRED CC. 
Meaning some things may have been broken by updates, others
may have issues with meshes, and some recolours might not included
meshes at all. This also means that I no longer support this content and won't
be answering questions about it. So if it’s broken or missing a mesh,
I’m sorry but I won’t be doing anything about that until I get 
around to updating that piece.

While I would love to offer a "One big file" download option,
the would be an incredibly big file (almost 500MB) and with the notoriously
slow Australian internet, it would literally take me days to upload
and as it already took me that long to upload all these files
separately that's not something I wanna do again. I also did 
it this way so that when I update pieces I can remove 
the old files from the folder as I go.
There are no preview pictures included but the file names
should be pretty self explanatory.

My TOU still applies to all of this content.

All old content as individual packages


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If you have any problems please contact me via Tumblr.


  1. Thank you so much for deciding to keep these files...Everything that I find is usually something you've already recolored! :D

  2. Thanks for keeping these files! I will keep checking back in hopes those Dylan sofa bed pillows will be available for download again.

    1. Hi Rebeka, the Dylan Sofa Bed has been updated and is available in the Comfort section here and the pillows that were originally with it have been updated and added to the Elysian bedding set, also available here.